Alleged night runner nabbed raping boy in sugar plantation

An alleged retired night runner has further disgraced himself and scandalised his family after he was caught red-handed forcefully engaging a teenage boy in a ‘bedroom marathon’ in a sugar plantation in Matungu, Kakamega County.

The 60-year-old, only identified as Magero, was arrested by villagers, who heard the 13-year-old boy wailing for help, and handed over to administration police from a nearby chief’s camp.

The villagers initially thought the teenager had been attacked by a leopard which are common in the area, only to stumble upon the old man ravaging him as he desperately tried to gag him using his hands.

“I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the man performing the indecent act. This is an old man who has a wife, five children, some of them working and here he was committing such a heinous act.

“That man is a devil. We were used to him as a night runner, but this sodomy case came as a shocker to us,” said Wakhungu, a neighbour who witnessed the ugly incident.

The locals pounced on the man, raining blows and kicks on him before the police rescued and whisked him to their station’s cells. The boy was taken to Lung’anyiro health centre for tests and treatment to find out if he was infected with any venereal disease.

The boy later recorded a statement at the police station, narrating how he met the old man along a footpath and initiated small talk.

Unnatural appetite

“He is well known to me and I treat him as my grandfather though we are not related. He blew something to my nose and started dragging me into the sugarcane plantation. He pulled down my trousers and began doing the act by force as I screamed for help,” the boy said.

Police are holding the man to conclude investigations into the matter before charging him in court. “We will charge him soon. This is an abomination,” said Christopher Makokha, the area chief.

The old man’s wife and children have expressed shock and disappointment in him, and have vowed to let him rot in prison for shaming them in the locality. Some of the children working in various towns in the country have reportedly vowed not to come back home because of embarrassment.

His wife was so shocked that she is contemplating leaving her home of more than 40 years fearing stigma.

“I have been with this man for all these years and never denied him his conjugal rights. I don’t no where he has acquired this unnatural appetite for boys. I am afraid of how people will treat me after this,” she said amid sobs.

The boy’s parents want the man to be imprisoned and also to avail a bull to be slaughtered to cast away evil spirits associated with the disgusting act.

“We invested so much money in our son hoping that he would lift us out of our life of penury.

“But now his life is ruined and he might never recover from the trauma,” said the boy’s father.