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Village so beautiful, it has banned tourists from taking photos

By MIke Mswati | Monday, Jun 19th 2017 at 08:39

Located in the Swiss Alps, near the famous resort of St Moritz, the commune of Bergün/Bravuogn is one of the most beautiful mountain villages in Europe.

It is so beautiful, in fact, that photos of it shared on social media may make people feel depressed that they can’t visit, so local authorities banned tourists from taking photos.

It may sound like a joke, but it’s actually a new law adopted by the Bergün village council and approved by its mayor. And yes, their justification for the photo ban is that photos of their beautiful home with the stunning mountain peaks on the background could make people seeing them on social media jealous and depressed.

To deter visitors from taking photos in Bergün, they plan to implement a symbolic Sh500 fine for those caught breaking the new rules.

According to a statement by the Bergün Tourism Authority, it is scientifically proven that beautiful holiday photos on social media make the viewer unhappy because they cannot be there themselves.

“Bergün is beautiful, we don’t want to make people outside the community unhappy by sharing social media photos of our picturesque landscape, and we cordially invite you to visit Bergün to experience it for yourself,” said Mayor Peter Nicolay.

Talk of promotional stunts and marketing geniuses. The village has gone viral, with tourists itching to visit. Hello Brand Kenya, anyone reading this?

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