Man arrested for punishing thief with humiliating forehead tattoo

Maycon Wesley, a tattoo artist from the Brazilian state of Sao Paolo, was recently arrested and charged with torture. This was after he punished a young man who tried to steal his bicycle by permanently tattooing “I am a thief and a loser” on his forehead.

A disturbing video of an alleged would-be thief sporting a “sou ladrão e vacilão” tattoo on his forehead has been doing the rounds on social media since Friday.

In it, two men ask the 17-year-old terrified boy to tell them what he wants to have tattooed on his forehead, and then force the answer out of him – “thief”.

After the humiliating tattoo is completed, they again force him to say why he had received the bizarre “artwork”, and he admits that he had tried to steal a bicycle.

It turns out that the boy had attempted to steal Maycon Wesley’s bike from outside his home in Sao Paolo and was caught by a neighbour with whom they inked the humiliating message.

That same day, they tattooed “I am a thief and a loser” on the boy’s forehead, filmed the whole thing, and shared it on WhatsApp, where it quickly went viral.