Internet abuzz after man proposes to girlfriend at her ‘sponsor’s’ bash

By now, you must have all seen that viral tweet – yes, the one about the married Nigerian man who threw a lavish birthday party for his side dish. And then the side dish’s boyfriend proposed to her at the same party. If this doesn’t take the weekly cup for bizarre situations, then I don’t know what will.

Social media comments alone are enough to entertain you for days. Some people are faulting the married man for being ‘cuckolded’ on his own cash. Look, if you are going to invest lots of money in a side dish, then at the very least, you should be assured that you are her main man.

But on the other hand, if she is your side dish, who are you to assume that you are also not her side man? Perhaps they both perceived themselves as side dishes and accepted their status. Who knows?

Others are dismissing the boyfriend as a non-starter: how could he propose at a party thrown for his girlfriend by another man? It is not the ‘manly’ thing to do. But maybe he was being manly by standing up even in the midst of the huge show of financial strength by another man and declaring that despite all that, he loved her and was willing to show it publicly.

After all, he was offering the one thing the married man could not: that elusive ring! Maybe that put him in a league above the married man. We don’t know.

In any case, one has to ask: What kind of crazy woman invites her boyfriend to a party thrown for her by her other boyfriend?

Did he just gatecrash the event? Was this a sign of the nature of her transaction with the married man? You know, some people understand the dynamics of their own relationships.

If it is money for favours, and both parties are abiding by the rules, then there will be no conflict. Perhaps their contract did not have an exclusivity clause regarding who she shares her favours with.

Surprisingly, there were not many comments about the girl.

It seems people have decided that life is hard and she was within her rights to hustle in the best way possible. While some of us have a job, a small business and a village farm, others choose to hedge their bets with different men for different needs.

There is the one who pays uni fees, the one who gives airtime, the one you can count on for weekend outings and the one who responds to emergencies. The story is funny until you think of the silent voices in the equation. The married man’s wife. His children. His mother.

I can tell you as a mum that it is a shame for a woman to raise a son, only for him to grow up to disrespect and use other women.

How about the girl’s friends? The ones who were content to attend the party and eat the man’s money. All the people who must have known what was going on, but were only interested in a swanky do. What does all this say about us as a society? Relationship precedents are being set by such events, but we forget we are women and men who need love. And we will be the parents of sons and daughters who will one day try to find love.

We should not be giving young people the message that it is okay to use others for sex or school fees.

That said, I am as human as the next person, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled. It’s only a matter of time before an update on the situation makes its way back onto the internet and set it ablaze.