Why Ivan Ssemwanga's body could be exhumed

The body of the late Ivan Ssemawanga, who was buried barely a week ago, could be exhumed.

This is after being buried with different forms of currencies including Ugandan shillings of 10, 20 and 50 thousand denominations, South African Rands and US dollars.

During his funeral, members of the rich gang, which Ivan belonged to when alive, blew money into his grave in solidarity of the big spender and flamboyant lifestyle they led together.

A Ugandan lawyer Abey Mgugu, moved to court to have the exhumation as soon as possible. In his Notice of Motion applied on the 2nd of June, he stated that the Bank of Uganda wilfully/negligently failed to ensure that the country’s currency and that of other countries had been respected.

The Ugandan government has granted the motion to recover the said money on behalf of the Republic of Uganda and other respective countries, combating punitive and exemplary damages. Thereafter, the costs shall be awarded to the applicant.

Speaking to the press in Uganda, Abey said, “The purpose of the said monies put into the grave were misused and there was wastage of public property thereby violating social and economic rights of other people.”

The drama surrounding his death and burial shall hopefully be put to an end when all this is done.