Human race faces extinction as 'Alien Convenant' thrills

Rating: 7/10

Alien: Covenant  is somewhat a direct sequel to Prometheus as it provides a connection between Prometheus and the original film, Alien. For instance,  there are scenes with the wreckage of the space ship, from the film “Prometheus” .

The crew is revived from hibernation by an accident after their colony ship, The Covenant, was hit by a neutrino burst. As the crew embark on repairing the Covenant, they intercept a message from a habitable planet that is nearer than the Origae-6, their supposed destination.

Fassbender who plays  David and Walter, is also aboard the Covenant as Walter. He is a next generation character that is immortal and he meets his brother, David, in the unknown planet. As David, he plays the evil character that is out to wipe out humanity and he is behind the release of the deadly virus.

Thumbs up:

The movie is a lot more diffrent from the popular alien movies that are based on millitary endevours. The crew is composed of settlers who are mainly couples who are out trying to find a suitable place to build a new civilization.

The movie is a master class science fiction with an interesting sequence of events like the flashback showing the destruction of the city.

Generally, the movie is an interesting watch with scenes that are far out of the normal imaginations and expectations of alien  movies. The layout of the movie makes it easy to comprehend as it flows in sequence from scene to scene.

Thumbs down:

The film does not really give a new twist and surprises to viewers as it plays in the margins of a theme that is already set by the previous alien movies: Prometheus and Alien.


Considering that this is an alien movie, it should be pretty much easy to guess how it goes, but thanks to the role and performance of Michael Fassbender, this one is worth it.

However,  I’d recommend it to the lovers of Alien movies as it requires one to have touch with the genre before they get the twist in it.