Kambua starts a free pads project

Her touching post led to women opening up about their horrible experiences and have offered to offer support behind the project which the singer has now undertaken and will soon start donating pads to schools.

The gospel artist and Kubamba TV host wrote a long post where she poured out her heart. In her post, she’s giving a testimony of how her first time encounter with the sanitary towels was embarrassing.

Kambua revealed how difficult it was for her to learn about sanitary towels. Sharing similar experiences as many girls do, the pretty singer wants to dignify the stigma of menstrual periods can bring and offer pads to girls who are not in a position to access one.



Aha! Y'all were not ready???? Good morning???? So this is some of my paraphernalia????.My little stash of menstrual necessities. When the same "stuff" was spread out on my bed by my mom many years ago I felt- embarassed, overwhelmed, and very uncomfortable. Honestly it took me years to accept that the menstrual cycle is a NORMAL, and very NATURAL occurence. I now see that the feelings of shame are a result of negative cultural views. I know now that even though it may be a little messy, painful and in some ways inconvenient, it is definitely nothing to be embarassed about. Through #Always4thegirl, I've heard of heartbreaking stories of girls who miss schools days because of the fear that periods bring- fear of #staining and being mocked. Some of these girls cannot afford sanitary towels or even panties. So they stay home and make do with cotton wool, toilet paper, pieces of cloth, etc. I don't know about you but I constantly have people reaching out to me asking me to donate sanitary towels. I now see it as an opportunity to #dignify our girls. Jump on it. Buy an extra pack of pads. Normalize these conversations; let us not have them in hushed tones. Let every girl understand that women across the world have walked the same path. So, if I gave you a chance to partner with me would you? #dignifyourgirls #Iamaboutwomenandgirls #WeSeeEqual #changethenarrative #ToAfricaandtheworld #IamKenyan????????

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