Wife of a Nairobi politician threatens to reveal husband's 'Mpango wa kando'

The politician is stressed over the hanging threat (Photo posed by model for Corbis images)

A politician in Nairobi is a worried man after his wife threatened to spill the beans to his opponents about an affair he has had with one of his party members. The wife is so annoyed that she has thrown caution to the wind in an effort to protect her domestic turf from unwanted competition.

According to reliable sources, the man has been showered his wife with gifts, including starting a business for her to run so she can keep her mouth shut. But the wife is still issuing threats and at the same time enjoying the new-found riches.

Grapevine has it that the ‘mheshimiwa’ is so worried that he has been calling his friends in social media circles and advising them to notify him of any gossip from his wife.

The man has been forced to spend most of his time with his wife whenever he is in town instead of campaigning.