Singer Wendy Kimani reveals her birthing process

She posted this photo in company of her mum

Choosing to go the unconventional way to bring her second child into the world, singer Wendy Kimani opted for a water birth. Growing in popularity all over the world and also in Kenya, a water birth is where a woman delivers in water usually a shallow pool, tub or Jacuzzi. It is said that the water simulates an environment similar to the womb where the baby slips from a warm wet womb into a warm birthing pool.

Considering the many pros it has, like the pain relief and are less stressful to the baby, it is no wonder the TPF contestant who has an another son with her Dutch husband chose this empowering process that took place at their home.

‘’Mommy, you held me and comforted me, during our underwater home birth, what an experience huh? I am so blessed to have you as a Mom.’’ Wendy posted.

Excited by the arrival of their son she posted for the first time a photo of their child.

‘’We love you so much T man. Sorry (not) for endless kisses Daddy and I are giving you but you are JUST SO FREAKING ADORBZ.’’ She wrote alongside a cute photo of their newborn child.