Babu Owino posts his academic prowess on social media and his followers have something to say about it

Babu Owino is the outgoing SONU chair and the Emabakasi East ODM nominee for MP. He is synonymous with the slang ‘Tibim’ which he uses frequently when giving addresses.

Other than ‘Tibim,’ Babu Owino is known for other attention-seeking roles such as mobilizing of all comrades nationwide, holding briefs on behalf of the comrades, demanding that the then POTUS, Obama, visits the University and even asking for invitations to State House from the president. Babu has literally done it all.

He is also one of the longest serving student leader in Kenya particularly from The University of Nairobi. Babu enrolled in 2008 for a degree in Actuarial Science and went ahead to graduate with first class honors. However after completion, he enrolled for another degree in Law which he’s currently studying.

Overtime he has received massive criticism from the public owing to the many years he has spent in campus. He instead went ahead to post an image of his first class degree commendation and bragging of his four diplomas saying:


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Below are some of the comments:

joabblaq First Class hons????????Jaluo jeuri tibbim.Tell Robert Alai that your not his equal.

dreezydante Wise in all angles and measures

 yvonneomiaJaluo Jeuri ????????????????????....From today henceforth they won't doubt it

luttaleah@babuowino comrade power,, we'll miss you at UoN,,Shine on your way ????????

kodiwo_a_b But do you say! Tibim

colloblaizaTell them you are tibmm Man a man of the people #vijana time Jaguar,Babu,nk

eagle_fidel Congratulations brother, let them know that we  were blessed in every corners

kallisto_babu Na bado utasoma wapende wasipende