Tunarudiana kwa nini? Nyashinski addresses possibility of Kleptomaniax trio comeback

Nyashinski released two songs onTuesday 16th 2017 back to back

Kenyan rapper Nyashinski  from the former boy band Kleptomaniax which consisted of Collo, Nyashinski and Roba is one of the most sort after Kenyan musicians going by how well Kenyans respond to his content.

This week has seen him drop two  hits and fans are talking about how on point he was with them.

Nyashinski who had been away in the States made one of the few successful comebacks the industry courtesy of his debut song “Now you know” followed by “Mungu Pekee” . The best part was that he was not shoving accents down his lyrics so people swiftly related with him.

However, despite a successful comeback, the one question that always stood out from his fans was whether the Kleptomaniax band would be back together to unleash hits like back in the day. Well, Nyashinski seems to have addressed that issue in his new song Aminia where he sings…

“Klepto si mtarudiana lakini? Hatujawai achana, tunarudiana kwa nini? Na majaliwa inshalah mi na hawa vijana wawili tutazidi sana kando na kukosana niamini”