Sisters, if you meet these seven men, please run for the hills

Girls, remember choices have consequences. Choosing to bring certain types of men into your life can really be perilous.

Youthful life

In my youthful life, when it came to men, I was tolerant and blind to a fault. In fact, you could say I was one misguided woman who believed so much in the power of love.

I let a couple of crooks into my life who messed me up. I believed that love conquers everything and that I could change men, how naive was I!

But after kissing many frogs I now know better. Now I have a list of different types of men whom I would like to warn women against.

First, we have those men who are time-wasters. You date them but know they would never marry you, come hell or high water.

Then we have another type of man who is a bad omen. He is like a tornado that blows into a woman’s life and destroys her in every way possible and when he is done, you are worthless and hopeless. When this kind of man leaves your life, you feel like killing yourself.

We also have Father Abraham wa mtaa, the type of man who has children all over town. A man with one child you can try, with two you can stretch yourself to accommodate, but beyond that I will tell you for free, nothing good can come out of it!

Then we have another group that comprise the Timberlake-types. These ones come in all shapes and sizes, are often flashy and talk big but their life never really adds up. He could be working as a bank teller but supposedly living in a house in Runda and driving a Range Rover. If you look closely, they are never what they seem, in fact very often they have fake names!

Full of potential

Then there is Mr Hustler. He is full of potential. He is cute and all but unless you want to take care of a grown man for the rest of your life, run in the opposite direction.

Only give him a chance the moment he has accomplished something, and is making his own money. Before that keep him just as a friend.

Another type is the Mama’s Boy. When approached by such man, please run unless you want to fight his mother for his love and affection.

Last but not least, we have the Mr-I-Cheat-But-I-Still-Love-You, Mr-My-Hobby-Is-Drinking-And-Partying, Mr-My-Work-Comes-First and Mr-My-Boys-Come-First.

You can always tell these men a mile away. Be advised. Never make the mistake of giving them a chance, because you will cry for ever. Avoid them like the plague.

Don’t say you were not warned!