Ni Uchawi: MCA who lost seat now blames black magic for his tribulations

A youthful MCA in the North riftregion has shocked his colleagues and the public after he alleged that his political nemesis had cast a spell on him so as not to get re-elected in the August general election.

According to sources close to the beleaguered MCA who is yet to get a wife, he has been spotted several times in social joins gulping down the frothy drink presumably to drown his political misery. The MCA, who after being elected in 2013 fresh from college, adopted a flamboyant lifestyle even changed his walking style and is known for his love for the fairer sex.

“Over the weekend, he wailed and sobbed bitterly at a popular social joint. Patrons thought that the honourable member had received news that his close relative had passed on,” said our source.

He sobbed, claiming that the services of a witchdoctor had been hired to kill him politically and that it was driving him crazy. “I am yet to get married and this is also the work of my opponents who have been badmouthing my many potential wives to ‘booth’ because I was irresponsible,” claimed our source