'Mafisi’ who post sexual comments on women’s photos, this is for you

It is said that we all have a little exhibitionism in us. Let me state right off the bat that I occasionally post a picture that is a breath away from violating Facebook’s terms of conduct. Some of these photos are intended to be sexy like a photo of my ample cleavage in a low cut top, and some are just pictures of what I am doing that just happen to be sexy like bikini selfies at the beach.

People have different opinions about posting revealing photos online. Some people are of the opinion that when I post a suggestive photo of myself, I have a “hole” in my personality that I am trying to fill with likes, comments and followers.

Others attribute my mild online exhibitionism to crippling self-esteem issues while others believe it portrays my attention-seeking tendencies. To be quite honest, I don’t really care about what other people think: To each his own. Deal with it!

What I care about is the menfolk who deem it perfectly okay to leave sexual comments on my pictures because they think “I am asking for it”.

Now, let me make one thing clear. Leaving unsolicited sexually suggestive comments on photos of someone you don’t know is the online equivalent of catcalling. Nothing will get you blocked faster than leaving a comment on my pictures, explaining in explicit detail how turned on you are by my boobs.

I went on a beach vacation two months ago and I took advantage of the gleaming white sands and turquoise waters in the tropical paradise to take a few snapshots for Instagram. They were pictures of me with the scenery in the background. The fact that I was in a bikini was incidental.

I was really just trying to show off the scenic backgrounds. One randy chap on my friends list totally disregarded the pristine shore’s beauty and went straight for my boobs in his comment, explicitly stating how tasty they looked. Then he slid in in the DM, trying to hit me up and, needless to say, he was promptly blocked.

I don’t understand where men get off thinking it is okay to mention on a random girl’s photo just how turned on they are by the girl’s pictures. It would be very weird coming from a guy I know personally, leave alone a stranger.

I am not flattered by such comments. If anything, they are very unsettling. Don’t think that I am just seeking make attention and I will feel validated. Your crude comments are not wanted. Unless you are a guy I have dated or I am dating, you don’t have flirting privileges with me.

This crude behaviour is not unique to people who post overtly sexual only. Every woman with a social media presence has encountered such comments, even when they post pictures that are fairly modest.

Guys just feel entitled to leave whatever comments they feel like on a girl’s picture just because they can.

They make the assumption that they already have a relationship that allows them to say things If you are trying to hit on a girl, this is not the way to go about it.

You are just going to make her uncomfortable and be labeled a creep. Just because a woman takes pride in her sexuality and likes to post sexy pictures of herself doesn’t mean she will appreciate suggestive comments about her body from strangers.