Family split in Bomet as son vies against mother

Former Home Affairs assistant minister Beatrice Kones

In some homes, parents and children have taken rivalry to a whole new level, with some vying against each other.

A case in point is the contest for Bomet East parliamentary seat, which pits Jubilee Party candidate Beatrice Kones – the wife of former minister Kipkalya Kones – against her first born son Kevin Kones, who is running on Nasa-affiliated Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM).

The contest has gotten locals excited, with some viewing it as a pointer to growing democracy

— whereby everyone is allowed to support any political party or coalition.

But some residents see nothing but a family discord, with aggrieved members airing their dirty linen in public. The angry mother has, however, blamed the ugly state of affairs on CCM leader Governor Isaac Ruto.

She is accusing him of sponsoring his son to vie against her to settle old scores and for his own selfish gains. It’s very likely that the mother and son don’t see eye to eye.

Many related tales have been told too. A case in point is that of a man in Eshisiru area, Kakamega County. His wife is apolitical and hates the idea of people camping at her home as her husband entertains them as potential voters.

The woman is reported to have relocated back to her parents’ home after she got tired of cooking for the crowd and entertaining them from dawn to dusk.

“I can’t live in the kitchen cooking the whole day and night. I have a life and other things to do,” she is reported to have said in protest before leaving.

Attempts to sabotage her husband by being anti-social, sulking and refusing to serve the villagers who regularly patronised the home didn’t work.

In yet another story from the region, a polygamist whose two wives don’t see eye to eye are now forced to work together in ensuring he wins. Never mind the hate they have for one another.

The Mahiakalo MCA aspirant forces them to come together, talk and help in entertaining his guest by cooking and serving the guests together. But as they say, we are yet to witness the worst.