Kisii woman strips, ‘curses’ daughter-in-law for getting three-year-old son drunk

A grandmother in Kisii County left everyone in shock after she stripped, flung her clothes on the ground

— as if they were on fire

— and hurled her underwear in her daughter-in-law’s face, all in the name of cursing her.

This is after her daughter-in-law allegedly intoxicated her three-year-old boy with alcohol, so much that he ‘chewed a blackout’!

The embattled woman, a casual labourer whose love for beer is legendary in the locale, is said to have been working on a neighbour's farm on this particular mid-morning. Her child, whom she had left beneath a tree shed, playfully began mouthing a bottle of changaa his mother had been sipping from.

The woman was engrossed in tilling the land and, lo and behold, the little man got high!

The mother discovered the boy lying unconscious, minutes later as she went to check on him.

Distraught and puzzled, the woman raised the alarm, attracting the attention of neighbours who used a motorbike to take the knocked-out boy to a nearby hospital.

After receiving medical attention, the boy recovered and was discharged.

The woman had no clue about the drama that awaited her back home, where anxiety on whether the boy would make it had built up, and villagers seething with rage and baying for her blood had gathered.

News that she had intoxicated the boy did not sit well with her mother-in-law.

Attempted to kill her grandson

Upon arrival, her angry mother-in-law had no kind words for her.

She scolded and called her names as she asked for her expulsion from the home.

She asked her, in no uncertain terms, to pack and go, for she couldn’t stand her carelessness and love for alcohol anymore.

The woman, instead, sulked and vowed to stay put. Push came to shove, and the old woman made good her threat

— to curse her daughter-in-law.

She hurriedly undressed, you would think she had been attacked by an army of ants, jumped up and down as she threw her clothes all over.

When she was done, she hurled her underwear in the daughter-in-law’s face, leaving disgraced villagers to scamper in shame, cupping their mouths and hiding their faces with the palms of their hands.

While at it, the old woman yelled insults at her daughter-in-law, calling her a witch who “attempted to kill her grandson.”

“My son married the wrong wife. I can't live with her anymore. This family doesn’t deserve such a careless woman. Just go!” wailed the mother-in-law as she called for the expulsion of her daughter-in-law.

The embattled woman, afraid that she had been cursed by the mother-in-law, run into her grass-thatched house, closed the door and began sobbing hysterically, claiming she would only open the door upon her husband’s return.

Her husband, came and resolved the matter. However, the relationship between the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law remain tense. None is willing to speak to the other after the ugly incident.