Happy reunion: Missing ‘WhatsApp’ teen is home

Sheila Kagendo's parents

A 13-year-old girl who ran away from home after a quarrel with her mother over WhatsApp has been found, courtesy of a story ran by Saturday Standard last week.

Lenna Mwaniki yesterday confirmed that she had reunited with her daughter, Sheilla Kagendo, who was found roaming in the streets of Mombasa. She has since resumed her studies at Utawala Academy.

“The Saturday Standard did a great job and I am grateful for that. I took her to hospital for check-up and she is now back to class,” the excited mother said.

According to Mrs Mwaniki, a street urchin called her after reading the newspaper to inform her that he had spotted the girl in a Mombasa hotel, where she had camped for days.

She then contacted a friend who hosted her daughter until she arrived to pick her up on Friday.

Kagendo reveals that she went to Mombasa because she was following her elder brother who works with Samsung. Unfortunately she got lost and could not call her parents. A well-wisher hosted her in a hotel as she tried to look for her brother.