I Know I Deserve You: Kibaki’s grandson's special message to ex-girlfriend as she unveils new boyfriend

Nairobi’s upcoming model Sean Andrew posted a cryptic message signifying he could still be very much in love and hang up on his gorgeous YouTuber ex-girlfriend Elodie.

A candid photo of the YouTuber enjoying a kiss being planted on her cheek by the alleged new boyfriend surfaced the web, which might have been the reason Sean insinuated that he will wait for her.

Posting a picture on his social media, he said “I’ll wait for you because I know I deserve you just as much as you deserve me.” The two were a favorite cute couple making their followers champion for them to work things out.

It has been a lot of public rollercoaster drama for the two ever since their first nasty break up resulting to even Elodie deleting her social media.

Previously on their relationship drama, the two had broken up over what seemed to be underlying issues all the way from high school where Sean’s friends were not very kind to Elodie. She revealed this information in one of her rants during their nasty break up.

Months later after the bile died down, they got back together shortly then broke up, again. This time, there was a little maturity and less drama where the decision seemed to have been amicable.

The new flame identified as Just Waxx, is a hip-hop artist and they have been hanging out quite a lot. Sean has however not been in a confirmed relationship since.