It wasn't me! Did socialite Vanessa Chettle serve time over false accusation?

She was glad to have gone to jail saying that she “needed it”

Controversial socialite, model and exotic dancer Vanessa Chettle might have been in prison all this time that she was assumed to be laying low from the public eye.

She revealed this through her social media where she delightedly posed outside a police station with the caption “FREEEEEDOOOOOOOMM. Thank you to everyone that helped me out btw mad love.”

The photo has however been taken down after the caption raised eyebrows.

 Vanessa, who has been on Nairobi Diaries and the social scene in general went quiet after a fight on set of the reality show that resulted to her being reported. Besides that, she revealed that she was convicted for a crime she did not commit.

You would have thought that she would regret but instead she was glad to have gone to jail saying that she “needed it”.

Upon further probing, she was keen on staying quiet about what might have been the cause of her detention.

We can say she is now a certified convict since this is not the first time the lass has been to jail. Last year, she was involved in a scuffle with Prezzo’s now ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola which ended with her being arrested and jailed.