Ati Eddy Kenzo who is Ugandan is Kenya Tourism Ambassador? King Kaka laments

You know that feeling that your parents serve the best meals to guests leaving you wondering whether you would rather be a guest than a child of the house. Well, that is what a few Kenyan celebrities are feeling after Ugandan star Eddy Kenzo was crowned The Kenyan Tourism Board ambassador.

Well, considering the fact that Eddy Kenzo is Ugandan and that most of his childhood has been spent outside Kenya, perhaps he cannot speak fluent Swahili and many other contradictory factors, Kenyan rapper King Kaka did not mince his words on the issue.

“Ati Eddy Kenzo who is Ugandan is The Kenya Tourism Ambassador, acha tungoje Beyonce akuje aimbe National anthem yetu. Let me grab my popcorns this is a movie a very funny movie. Ufala. Si wapatie Nameless ama Wyre ama Mkenya random kwa streets.

How about the whole Rugby Team who have been doing soo much to raise our flag high, I am sure ata hajui independence yetu Ni lini ata nimeenda mbali, ata colours za flag yetu. Ufala. Kesho kesho Vice President atatolewa Zimbabwe.” Rabbit lamented

Well, this comes a few months after Sauti Sol group ranted about their project idea being handed over and championed by Jamaican reggae stars.