Evil dad who starved and tortured little boy before feeding his body to pigs jailed for life

Michael Jones, who has been locked up for life, specifically bought pigs to get rid of his son's body, it is reported (Photo: Wyandotte County Jail)

An evil dad and stepmum who starved and tortured a seven-year-old boy before his dead body was fed to pigs have been jailed for life.

Little Adrian Jones was a 'bag of bones' when he died in 2015 following months of horrific abuse at the hands of Michael and Heather Jones.

During his harrowing ordeal, the youngster was bound to kitchen cutting boards and forced to stand in filthy water up to his neck 'for hours'.

He was also starved, beaten, and shocked with a stun gun by his stepmum - at times, for as long as 20 seconds, a court heard.

A tearful detective told a hearing to "imagine the screams of a seven-year-old boy" and pointed out how long 20 seconds of agony was.

Michael Jones, who has been locked up for life, specifically bought pigs to get rid of his son's body, it is reported

Adrian, from Kansas, US, was fed to pigs by his father after his death.

The youngster's were found in November 2015 in a barn on property rented by his dad and stepmum.

Just a day earlier, police had visited the property following a domestic disturbance report, according to The Kansas City Star.

Officers discovered Adrian had not been seen for several months and that surveillance cameras were set up in the house.

These cameras captured the shocking abuse the little boy experienced.

Michael Jones, 46, pleaded guilty to first-degree felony murder in March, 16 months after his son's remains were discovered.

Adrian's stepmum, Heather Jones, 31, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and child abuse in November

He didn't show any emotion as he was locked up for life yesterday.

He will serve 25 years behind bars before he can seek parole.

She is also serving a life sentence.

During her sentencing, the court had heard how her young stepson had essentially starved to death after months of abuse.

Heather Jones had claimed that she had been helpless, unable to protect herself and Adrian from her abusive partner.

Speaking after Michael Jones's sentencing yesterday, Adrian's maternal gran, Judy Conway said: "I think he has no remorse."

She also described Adrian as a sweet boy that she will always remember.

She is now calling for a public inquiry into how no-one helped her grandson during his months of abuse and torture.

Adrian's sister Keiona Doctor, meanwhile, spoke of a time she went to visit her little brother in Kansas City.

She described him as any kid his age, and that he looked healthy.

She said she could not identify any signs of abuse.

However, landlady Jennifer Hoevers reportedly discovered horrifying images on Heather Jones's computer after her arrest.

She came across images of Adrian shivering outside with his hands and feet shackled and standing in the shower, looking emaciated.

Another photo showed him posed rigid, tied to kitchen cutting boards.

And one displayed his lips covered in sores.

Ms Hoevers told DailyMail.com she found that Heather Jones had even saved online adverts for straitjackets.

When Adrian's gran was given a DVD by the landlady of what was found on the computer, she said she threw up.

"The first picture I saw, Heather was posing him for pictures front and back," Ms Conway told the news site.

"He looked like the most malnourished kid from a third-world country."

A month after Adrian's body was found, we reported how syringes and porn videos were found in Michael and Heather Jones's home.

Rotting food and cages of rats were also discovered at the property.

At the time, Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerry Gorman called the killing "one of the worst things" police have ever seen.

During Michael Jones's sentencing, Detective Stuart Littlefield confirmed Adrian's body had been fed to pigs.

"When his killers could no longer stand the stench of his body he was fed to pigs," he told the court.

According to USA Today , he added: "Adrian is gone. We can’t change what happened, and we can’t bring him back.

"But we can change the future. There are children being abused right now... We must find these children."