Dear Daniel ’Churchill’ Ndambuki- Spend more time with your father, he’ll be gone one day

Spend some time with your father. He will be gone in a few years

Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki), 39, host and creator of Churchill show and a leading comedian in Kenya.

Dear 20-year-old Daniel,

Daniel, life is not that serious, loosen up a little! Don't be too hard on yourself. A day has 24 hours –make sure to have enough sleep, allocate time for work, and then spend the rest with the people you care about. Spend some time with your father. He will be gone in a few years. Make the time you have together count. Grab every opportunity to be with people that you love and who love you. Celebrate people when they are still around, not when they are gone.

In the future, you might be a celebrity with thousands of fans on Instagram and Facebook but in times of need, only real friends and family will remain by your side. When you find love, treasure it. It is a rare thing. Be good to people and let it be your goal to have a positive impact on the people around you.

Don't buy things you don't need. No, you don't need that first car you can barely afford. Don't buy that rickety contraption that will spend so much time getting repaired that it will basically belong to the mechanic. You will spend all your money buying spare parts and repairing the car. Trust me, invest in real estate first and you'll never regret it. You can buy a car when you are more financially stable.

When it comes to business, don't go into a business just because another person is successful at it. That butchery in Donholm will turn out into a total disaster. Just because your friend has one doesn't mean it is your thing. The older you knows for sure that you have to do your research before starting a business.

Yours truly,



You will be blessed with a great husband, treasure him, be faithful and committed to him and your marriage 

Dr Joyce Gikunda,63, Founder and MD of Lintons Beauty World and Lintons Beauty Academy

Dear 22-year-old Joyce,

Life is made up of seasons- be prepared to enter each season with confidence and assurance that everything will work out for your good. Put God first in everything you do and He will make everything easier for you. Life is about relationships- there's nothing you can achieve all by yourself. You need strong relationships to succeed in all aspects of life- career, business, and family.

The older you is going to start a pharmacy and beauty business, a pioneer in its category in the country. Don't question your decision to pursue a pharmacy degree, it is the right one. At the beginning, you will not know how to make the business work and sometimes finances might get tough, but you must forge on. What matters is consistent progress. It is the small steps you make that will ultimately lead to success. Make the best of whatever you have and wherever you find yourself in life and it will pay off. Do everything with passion and look for ways to give back to society. I know it seems like a dream now but there will come a time when you will open Lintons Beauty Academy to train professionals in beauty care.

You will be blessed with a great husband, beautiful children, and grandchildren. Treasure this man; be faithful and committed to him and your marriage. Initially you might anchor your relationship on emotions, but in the long run it is the decision to stay committed to each other that results in a long, happy marriage. Learn and understand your partner, be ready to give it your all, and to sacrifice some of your desires. Being a parent is one of the biggest priviledges and responsibilities in the world. Even though running a business is demanding, spend quality time with your children, especially when they are young.

Please take care of your health-physical, mental, and spiritual. You won't be able to pursue your dreams if you are not healthy in all areas of life. The skin, which your body's biggest organ, is what people see when they first meet you. If you neglect your skin, people will read negative things about you from it. You need to take care of your skin from a young age through following the right skin care regimen, using the right products, eating well, and exercising. The older you will be so grateful for the radiant, beautiful skin you'll gift her with.

Yours truly,



You'll fall flat on your face severally but don't stop rising up

Suzie Wokabi, 39, founder of Suzie Beauty

Dear 25-year-old Suzie,

Life is unpredictable, so be ready to roll with the punches. In future, you're going to have a successful beauty business. Brace yourself, it will be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. But you can't really grow without challenges, right? You'll fall flat on your face but what matters is that you keep getting up and trying again and again. You will learn a lot about yourself and sometimes you won't like admitting that you can't do something. But being aware your strengths and weaknesses is part of the growth process.

Starting a business in a new category in the market will mean that there are no guidelines, no bench marks, no one to measure up to. You will have to learn on the job. Sometimes you will feel like giving least once a day every day. Entrepreneurship is a lonely path- not many people will understand your journey. The lows will be really low but the highs will be super high. Don't give up, building a business is an incredibly rewarding journey. Oh, the places you will go!

Don't chase money, it will come to you when you do what you're passionate about. Pursue your goals to create a legacy. Have a positive impact on the world you; your life here should mean something. Entrepreneurship is very demanding, but you must still find time to spend with loved ones. It's a difficult juggling which your future self hasn't even mastered. But mostly it's just about doing your best. Don't forget to have time for yourself as well. Find time to laugh and be silly with your friends, life isn't always that serious.

Yours truly,



Take your time in finding the right partner

Michael Okwiri, 40+, Vice President –Corporate Communications & CSR of a leading telecommunications company

Dear 23- year-old Michael,

Young man, Invest in your education and find an area you are passionate about to focus on. If you don't like doing something, chances are that you won't be very successful at it. And even if you're successful, you won't be happy. Your future self has learnt that when you enjoy something, you will put more work and passion into it which will naturally translate into success. Your first job will be as a marketing analyst and although you'll hate the tediousness of the job, you will enjoy the people you will work with. Put your CV out there, you will end up getting other jobs which you love.

Your relationship with your boss determines how much you'll like your job. So be much nicer. If you have a crappy boss, probably you won't enjoy your job. But bosses are also human. Learn your boss's character and what the problem might be. Maybe he's overwhelmed with work or has difficult targets to meet. Helping make your boss's job easier will go a long way in having a better relationship. If you're in a leadership position, don't abuse your power. Be someone responsible, committed, and respectable.

Be involved in something which isn't work related such as playing a sport, pursuing a hobby, or going to the gym. Physical activity will keep you trim and healthy even as you age. In relationships, take your time in finding the right partner. You should have shared objectives and values with that person.

Yours truly,