Woman in court for hitting neighbour’s ‘marbles’

A 28-year-old woman has landed in court for allegedly assaulting a male neighbour.

Agnes Kawira is said to have hit Kane Ndivo in the crotch, claiming he had stepped on her baby. The February 21 attack is said to have left Ndivo with injuries.

Ndivo who denied stepping on Kawira’s baby, told police that the accused had been making sexual advances at him. He also told police that he had been avoiding Kawira who is commonly known in the neighbourhood as Wanjohi. Ndivo claims he met Kawira by the roadside and greeted her only for her to pick a stone and hit him where it hurts most.

She apparently warned Ndivo never to greet her again. The scuffle attracted the public who intervened and managed to control the situation.

Ndivo was taken to hospital for treatment before reporting the matter to police.

Kawira however denied the charges. She pleaded with the court for lenient bail terms. In her defence, she told the court that she was only protecting her baby.

“The complainant came where I had laid my baby looking drunk, and stepped on my baby. I saved my baby by pushing him away,”she told court.

She was released on a cash bail of Sh5,000. The case will be mentioned on May 20.


— Pkemoi Ng’enoh