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Woman shames 'cheating' boyfriend after message pops up on his phone during romantic weekend away

By The Mirror | Saturday, Apr 22nd 2017 at 10:20

Imagine spending a romantic weekend away with your other half and having to cut it short because you've realised they're being unfaithful.

One woman faced an awkward car journey back from holiday after a message popped up on her boyfriend's phone during a romantic meal - implying he had been cheating on her.

The girlfriend publicly shamed him in a review of the pub on its Facebook page, writing: 'Really nice bar, lots of atmosphere and good Sauvignon Blanc.

'Unfortunately halfway through said wine my boyfriend's phone bleeped with a Tinder message which, of course, I wasn't supposed to see.

'So our visit was cut short, and he consequently got dumped and we drove back (very uncomfortable car journey as you can imagine).

'I'd recommend this pub definitely, but best to go with someone who isn't a lying cheating sh** head as you'll have a much nicer time than I did.'

Let's be fair, we don't know the ins and outs of this relationship. Perhaps they had recently met on Tinder, became boyfriend and girlfriend but he forgot to deactivate his account?

She probably confronted him about it afterwards and that's why they decided to cut their trip short.

The pub responded in a funny but sympathetic comment, saying: "Alison you sound like an absolute sweetheart. We're sorry your visit didn't turn out as planned. Your boyfriend sounds like an absolute cad and a bounder.

"We deplore such actions. Its unbecoming of a true gentleman.

"If you'd mentioned this at the time we'd have defended your honour by challenging said scallywag to a duel or at the very least given him a shake of our heads and sent him on his way with a collective tsk tsk! and advise that a gentleman should always treat his fair maiden with the utmost respect.

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