Tragic: Rapper Madtraxx mourns loss of pregnant sister after fatal fall


It was a sad beginning to their week as two of the biggest acts in Kenya lost their dear sister. A doctor, Njeri Muigai sister to Dj Stylez and Madtraxx passed away on Tuesday. She was found lying down on the floor unconscious, and would later be pronounced dead.

‘’There was no one in the house. My sister came home she did house chores, she ate, then I guess she was reading a book because there was a book in her room. My mum had gone upcountry so when she came back she found her lying down in the bathroom. I think she must have fell.’’ Madtraxx said.

Their late sister, was eight and a half months pregnant when the unfortunate incident happened.

According to the rapper and Kansoul member, there will be a memorial service on Sunday followed by the burial on Monday in Murang’a.

Their eldest sister was a psychologist who worked in Kiambu County.