Tanzania songstress Ray C makes a comeback

After battling with drug addiction, the bongo artist has finally recollected herself and released a new song titled ‘Unanimaliza.’ The love song is available for purchase under Diamond’s wasafi dotcom and is already rising up the ranks two days after she dropped it.

’Nawapenda saaaaaaana kwa kuwa pamoja nami kwenye shida na raha, na hii ndio zawadi yenu kwenu kutoka kwanguwapendwa.

Download wimbo wangu mpya Unanimaliza sasa on @wasafidotcom 
Produced by @abydad 
Enjoy.’’ She posted on her social media.

Having been away from the music scene for close to five years since her last hit song, Ray C has rebranded and resembles the star we got to admire. The beautiful singer fell from grace after she started using drugs which she claimed she was first introduced to by her ex-boyfriend Lord Eyez.

To support her bad habit, she sold her palatial home and businesses before she eventually hit rock bottom and became homeless at one point. Having done everything possible, a plight from her family to the government to intervene got former Tanzanian President Kikwete attention and he helped rehabilitate the singer in 2011.

However, this would prove a tough fight as she relapsed in 2016 and a video of the bongo artist attempting suicide before being stopped by the police went viral.

Having gained weight due to treatment hitting the 90kg mark, Rehema Chelamila, her real name, has shed off the excessive weight and has taken up a healthy lifestyle.