Lawyer shames Socialite Pendo for allegedly refusing to pay for sex toys she had ordered

Socialite Stacy Pendo

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Socialite Stacy Pendo  has been trending for all the wrong reasons after a sex toy seller popularly known as ‘The vibrating lawyer’ exposed her on social media for refusing to pay for a vibrator she had sold to her a while back.

Beverly Munga resorted to social media after efforts to get the socialite to pay fell on deaf ears.

Beverly Munga

The lawyer who doubles up as a sex toy seller claims that Pendo bought the said item from gspot Kenya. Tired of her antics, she has decided to go public and perhaps this may make Pendo pay for the goodies she bought. We shall see!

SDE’s efforts to reach Pendo have been futile as our phone calls have gone unanswered.

Pendo rose into the entertainment scene as a socialite before she ventured into singing then acting.