Diamond Platnumz roasted over ‘incompleted’ English as radio presenter Maina Kageni comes to his rescue

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz is launching perfume

Diamond has decided to utilize his fame and name like all other celebrities and will now have his name onto a new product that is in its final stages.

Using his social media he broke the news to the excitement of his fans who are eagerly awaiting to acquire the product.

His posts however, were not short of grammatical errors that did not escape his fans who roasted him: The trolls clearly overshadowing the perfume announcement. “It's okay to use Swahili on the posts. Kidogo Kingereza yatupiga chenga ????????” One fan said.

However, Radio Presenter Maina kageni came to his rescue defending the bongo artiste “Ebu we get one thing clear.... English is a language, not a measure of intelligence... congratulations, Diamond Platnumz on your cologne line... “

Here is Diamond’s the message was posted on his Instagram:

‘’I feel incompleted when am on any outfit, without wearing @chibuperfume !..... @chibuperfume comming out this week!’’ his post read.

‘’Talking to Mendez @sallam_sk if launching date is ready to announce.... shilingingapi iuzwe wadau? Wanaotaka kununua mzigo wa jumla watuemail kupitia…’’ His other post read in part.

The bongo artist will soon have his Chibu cologne for sale on a later date that will be revealed.

Here is what some of the fans had to say.


rossen7 No matter what y'all say nothing will excuse what diamond posted. N as bad as it looks, it's shameful

kaphra nixcy_murageWe also feel incomplited

royal_mc_prettyLmao????????????????da english tho????????

cutey_01Hahahah????????????????RIP english etyy comming its coming** incompleted????????????????loolest one????????????

dullyplatinumzLazima uangalie na kipata chetu cc watu wa hari ya nchi tutaitaji

mellossallyAuch!!!!!!! Drop died English ????????????????????????????

eazyeazy255Mwambie zari arekebishe kiinglish Basi @diamond

ssmudogaHehehe,,kizungu c chetu