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Nobody should be judged for dating tastes

By Anne Muiruri | Tuesday, Apr 18th 2017 at 09:33
I take offense at the implication that there’s something inherently morally wrong about who anyone chooses to date. A lot of men went up in arms when I stated my predilection for tall men

Let me say right off the bat that I have a preference towards tall, muscular and toned men. Emphasis on tall! I find a man towering over me absolutely irresistible! Pint-sized, vertically challenged men don’t do anything for me and I am in good company with most women on this.

Women in general have a collective bias against dating short men. In spite of that, women will scream blue murder if a man says he only dates petite, model-type women or that he is not attracted to overweight, flabby women. I mean, the nerve! What a shallow, superficial disgusting pig, right?

Wrong! You are nothing but a hypocrite. Even if you don’t impose such physical standards on potential suitors like specific height requirements, but you still shame men or anyone for that matter for their physical preferences, you are a hypocrite. Why is there so much judgment towards physical preferences?

I take offense at the implication that there’s something inherently morally wrong about who anyone chooses to date. A lot of men went up in arms when I stated my predilection for tall men. I couldn’t help but wonder why people are threatened by other people’s desires. Why do we rail against people for their physical attraction?

I consider myself smoking hot, but at the same time I know that I don’t fit into every man’s idea of attractive. I don’t take offense when a man says he loves a woman with a huge rack (I love my little tatas) or a big derriere (I don’t have a pancake butt, but I am no Vera Sidika either).

I know there are men out there who wouldn’t date me despite my larger-than-life personality and my dazzling pretty face simply because I am not their type and that is perfectly okay with me. What most people consider “shallow” is not universally recognised or understood.

Full figured women should not be resentful of men who say that they can’t date them. If you are overweight, would you prefer that a guy who doesn’t find you attractive went out with you only for the sake of not offending you? You should not feel inferior because you are not someone’s type.

It is not a reflection of your worth, but rather of that person’s personal taste. Your harsh judgments stem from your own insecurities. You need to stop demonizing men for not being attracted to fat women. If the flip was switched and you were told to go out with a man whom you are not attracted to just to be polite, would you?

We are all human and we have our physical shortcomings and we need to acknowledge that personal preferences exist, and to deny that is willful ignorance. My aversion to diminutive men doesn’t make me a bad person and neither does a man’s aversion to fat women.

Convincing yourself to go out with a person who you know, empirically, doesn’t do anything for you just to appear open minded is a waste of time for everyone involved. Being physically and sexually attracted to the other person is usually important in a relationship and people can rarely control who or what they are attracted to.

Everyone has different tastes and likes. If a woman being in shape is one of your preferences over someone who isn’t, don’t feel guilty about your tastes. It’s a lifestyle choice and it simply doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

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