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Marathoner runs on beer

By ANIL BAKARI | Tuesday, Apr 18th 2017 at 08:01

A marathoner in Chile last week grabbed the headlines when he stopped at a pub in the midst of the run to grab a beer before re-joining race in the Osorno Fluor Run 2017.

Francisco Cabello, the thirsty marathoner in the southern Chilean region of Los Lagos, was captured on camera making a quick dash into the pub, picking a beer and running out as he quaffed it.

“Cabello was so tired from pounding the pavements that a refreshing drink was just the thing he needed, so he stopped off at a pub on the way for a pint,” wrote

“The 34-year-old raced the night run dressed in long trousers, shoes and a red T-shirt and in the footage he can be seen running behind one of the athletes.”

But as he hogs the headlines across the world, you cannot blame Cabello as he was not supposed to be in the marathon in the first place.

“It was the penultimate day of the pub called Antro Bar that closed on Saturday, and I was doing some shopping and I started to run the marathon. And while running, I entered the bar, took a beer and I continued running while drinking it. I ran a bit just for fun,” he defended himself.

Well, Cabello is lucky that that was a weak drink, let him try our changaa or busaa and see if he would even run for 50 metres.

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