WCW: Faith Muturi- Celebrity status is fleeting so I stayed real

Faith Muturi Ngugi

Having hosted a gospel television show for several years, done corporate training and gone ahead to hold several motivational concerts, Faith Muturi is quite the multi-talented lady.

For her, life in the limelight started back in 2012 when she got the chance to join Dj Mo on the Crossover 101 show. It was here that her career would.

Faith found herself at her comfort zone since she was bringing forth transformation. As the founder of “Young Women’s Mentorship Program”, “Pioneer & Editor of Motivational Newsletter- Chemi Chemi”, Founder and team leader of Simama Outreach as well as an emcee, she was determined to steer positive transformation all around.

Like most ladies in the limelight, Faith had done her best to keep her private life as such and hardly did she step out or flaunt her relationship status to curious onlookers. She had encountered several heartbreaks and this time around, she was ready to find the right person regardless of how long it took. It was after 2 years of dating that Faith and George got married.

“We were chini ya maji. Wisdom calls out … You see after a few heartbreaks, you realize that you need to know Jesus and know the man for yourself so we kept it under wraps because we didn’t want drama.” Faith had said.

It was in December 2015 that George and Faith got married in a wedding ceremony that took place at the Kenya school of law in Karen Nairobi. Soon after, the couple was expecting their love child and Faith decided to leave her role on television so she could concentrate on motherhood.

“Motherhood is a beautiful feeling and while I was getting into an unfamiliar phase of my life, I knew that grace would abound upon our lives. Every new experience was a lesson for me and I always pray that I shall raise a godly generation.”  She says.

Asked whether she felt the pressure as a public figure who was now entering a new phase of her life, Faith insists that most of her pressure was internal.

“When I got into television, I knew that it would be or a season so everything I did was within my comfort zone. Celebrity status is fleeting so in whatever I did, I stayed as authentic as I could be. That way, external pressure would hardly overwhelm me.”

Fast forward to her life off the screen and she admits that she is happy to have gone back to ‘corporate training’ which was her first love for many years.

“I have been doing Corporate training for over 12 years and it was an easy transition for me. Working with corporates in regards to training, personal development and organizational development is my forte and I love it because it is still in my quest to communicate transformation. ”

According to her, she has been called to communicate positive transformation. Whether on screen, during mentorship sessions or at her corporate training sessions, she strives to be better and do better.

“Every season brings forth its treasure. I am glad to be living through this new season in my life and its quite fulfilling.” She concludes.