Our Style: 11 female Kenyan celebrities who rock super short natural hair

Although it is said the crown of a woman is her hair, these women refuse to be defined by their mane and go the India Arie way, (I Am Not My Hair), to defy the socially accepted norm of having long hair. Opting for shorter tresses, this is their form of expression and boy don’t you just love it? While the list is endless, these women just have it going on.

Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi

Fashion blogger Joy Kendi shocked many after cutting off her long hair to reveal a new short hairdo a few years back and this just made her hotter.

Olive Karmen

Olive Karmen

Olive Karmen is one of the most sought after female drummer who sticks to her signature platinum mane.



Although she changes up her hair from time to time with braids and wigs, celebrated singer Wahu is known for super short hair which she wears colored or in its natural color.


From the time she hit the music scene we have come to lover her gorgeous melanin and her short hair which she has maintained religiously. 

Patricia Kihoro

Patricia Kihoro

The Homeboyz radio presenter has for the longest time been into afro chic vibes and it comes as no surprise if her hair isn’t in an African turban, it’s in its short natural state.

Neomi Ng’ang’a     Photo:Courtesy

Neomi Ng’ang’a

Since she hit our TV screens and radio, Neomi Ng’ang’a is no newbie to short hair. Though we have known her to have long hair from braids and weaves, she would rather do her own.


With looks and curves like those better believe Huddah doesn’t need hair to steal the show.

Lupita Nyong’o

Thanks to Lupita’s hair stylists who showed us how cool short black hair is, many black women have come to love and accept their own no matter how short.



The international Kenyan rapper occasionally changes up her tresses with sexy wigs and braids but it is her short hair that we adore.

Ajuma Nasenyana

Ajuma Nasenyana

Becoming one of the most popular models to grace international runways, Ajuma has always loved her almost bald look that works perfectly with her dark skin tone.

Size 8

The gospel artist has come a long way from her fiery red hair days graduating to her natural two tone hair cut.

(All the photos used are Courtesy)