#MCM: You will hear about my works soon- First runners up BYOB competition Safe Joe

Everyone would love to win a competition, the raffle, a sports bet, any win is highly anticipated and that was the case with 25 year old Joseph Mugweru a.k.a Safe Joe, the first runners up in the recently concluded Blaze Be Your Own Boss Competition.

Having started off with the sole purpose of empowering Kenyan youths, Blaze started off by holding summits across different towns in Kenya during which they picked talented and entrepreneurial youths for the competition.

You were so close to clinching the grand prize, how was the experience for you?

Overwhelming, but I was glad that the competition was finally coming to an end. It had been a series of grueling weeks and I was finally ready to go home.

Standing there during the finale I kept my fingers crossed but everything happens for a reason. I am glad about the much I learned.

Talking of learning, which was your most important lesson learnt?

Before getting into the competition I was a laid back and quiet person, the kind that loves their space but the competition transformed me to be more outspoken and aggressive whenever I want to get things done.

I can now be able to come up with business proposals, market any product and actually do the whole 360 degree.

What were you up to before the competition?

I was a music producer, still is. Most people got to know me better during the BYOB show because I constantly spoke about my passion and also did well in the challenges that involved showbiz.

Do you feel that your music production career has changed now?

Definitely! The platforms that are at my reach right now are much more than I would have ever prayed for.

While it was difficult keeping up with the industry at first, I now know key players who believe in my talent and would be willing to work with me in future.

How did you get into music?

I actually started out as a musician. Back in primary school I would write down lyrics, record beats from old cassette player then record my voice over it.

Funny enough my school mates applauded my musical prowess and that’s where I got my name ‘Safe Joe’.

Primary school? Weren’t your parents restrictive about you doing music?

They were actually very supportive as long as my grades stayed good.

I however miss my mother as I was mostly raised by my grandmother who supported me all through.

Have you recorded any artistes in your career as music producer?

Yes! I have and they have also gone to perform in big stages.

I actually got to know about BYOB because one of the artistes I was producing was coming to perform at the Eldoret summit so I tagged along and ended up joining the show.

What should your fans and youths who look up to you expect?

I am definitely going to stay on course with my dream to become a renowned music producer and you will hear about my works very soon so they can follow my social media pages ‘@safejoe’.

In the meantime youths should strongly believe in their dreams because that is the launch pad for success.