She stood by me through my lowest, Comedian Njugush gushes about wife

Hapa tulikua pale Altonas

After much rejection and tireless job hunting, no one would have seen how far the comedian would go. But one person believed in him and stood by him through it all.

 In a recent post, Njugush revealed how much struggle he had to go through and the sacrifice his wife, then girlfriend, made as she saw him through his job hunt.

‘’Year 2012.......
Hapa tulikua pale Altonas after a looong day 'looking' for a jobo and she decided to treat me with a bag of dry fries (loool).
Nilikua nimezunguka ajaab.
And hapo nyuma ya simu ni contact card ya a guy from Nation who never picked my calls loool.’’
His message read in part.

The comedian said ‘I do’ last year at PCEA Evergreen to his longtime girlfriend Celestine Ndinda.