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Senator Sonko's sweet message to estranged son in law soon after the birth of his grandchild

By Caroline Nyanga | Saturday, Mar 11th 2017 at 11:44

Following the birth of his granddaughter, Sonko had this to say to his estranged son in law Benson Gatu following his news on social media expressing how elated he was at the birth of his first child.

Seemingly in tears Sonko expressed how much he loved his eldest daughter, grandchild and baby daddy.

“I love my daughter even the boyfriend who is running for a parliamentary seat.  These things happen in life.

He acknowleges the two had a strained relationship terming it a normal thing that happens to most people.

“He messed up my daughter but these things happen.  If one day he comes back and seeks forgiveness I will forgive him. Who am I not to forgive him if God can forgive him?”

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