Singer Jaguar comes to the rescue of an elderly man

There is no denying that Jaguar is one of the most generous celebrities in the country. Always offering a helping hand to the needy, Charles Njagua, his real name, was once a struggling young man doing odd jobs to make ends meet. This could perhaps explain his willingness to offer assistance where he can.

 While heading to the office, Jaguar saw a disabled elderly man trying to go down a set of stairs and being the person that he is, the artist stopped to talk to him.

‘’Today as I headed up to my office at NACADA, i passed an elderly man struggling to get down the stairs as he left the NSSF building. I had passed him by a few steps but a voice within my conscience made me stop. 
I walked back to him. He told me His name was James Kafwa a cobler from Eastleigh.

I immediately asked him if he had an aid or a wheelchair. He told me he couldn't afford a wheelchair or a personal aid to assist him as they'd normally ask for payment.

He added on to say that all he needed to get around conveniently was a wheelchair.

To me this wasn't just a coincidence. It made me reflect on the blessings I have. All I could do for him at the moment was to place him at a better place than where i found him. 
Have a good day Mr Kafwa,’’ the post read.

Jaguar made Mr Kafwa’s life a little better after he bought the proper wheelchair he needed and had it delivered to him.

It is not clear though why Jaguar still spoke about going to his NACADA office since he sensationally quit the post last month.