Drama in Kisauni as locals stone cops who tried to make arrests while drunk

There was drama in Kisauni area of Mombasa County last weekend when irate members of the public stoned police officers who had gone to conduct a raid on illegal drinking dens.

All had been okay, with the locals surrendering to the authorities. However, poop hit the fan when the cops began imbibing the brew, as they joked that they, too, deserve to irrigate their throats. A move that saw locals express their displeasure rather angrily by pelting the tipsy cops with stones.

The officers drawn from the Kenya Police, Administration Police and Prisons Service arrived in a convoy of three lorries on Sunday morning and begun carrying out raids on the dens that sell Chang’aa and Mnazi in Barsheba, Mwandoni and Mlaleo areas.

But in dramatic turn of events, the brewers and their customers overwhelmed them and many managed to flee and took cover in nearby bushes and houses.

“Some brewers fled through the windows leaving the bootleg behind while their customers simply overwhelmed the officers who only arrested a handful,” said Patrick Nyuguto, a local who was almost caught up in the melee, said.

What was shocking, however, was that instead of taking away those they had arrested, the cops began drinking the exhibit.

“They sat down and started consuming the drinks after chaining the few suspects they had arrested. Some chose Chang’aa while the rest opted for Mnazi. They drunk hurriedly since they wanted to join their waiting colleagues,” Nyuguto explained.

Their mistake, however, was underestimating the potency of the local brews. After taking a few pints, most of them got tipsy and began shouting among themselves, wondering aloud why locals assume they (cops) don’t like alcohol.

“We also like these things, it’s only that we know how to control ourselves, where and when to drink,” one of the cops is quoted as having joked.

Shots fired

According to Nyuguto, high pitched bouts of laughter could be heard from the dens leaving locals wondering what was happening, since they had seen the cops arrive and the brewers and their customers fleeing.

“Some of us tiptoed and from a distance, we could spot two prison warders each holding a ‘Mzinga’ size bottle of Mnazi popularly referred to as Dambari and toasting to each other. Both of them were staggering. We decided to alert other residents about what was happening and soon word spread out that the officers were consuming the brews,” he said.

The locals then took the matter in their own hands and started raining stones on the officers who were forced to fire in the air before staggering back to their lorries after hurriedly releasing the suspects they had arrested.

Purity Karembo, a Mnazi brewer told Crazy Monday that they are ready to offer the officers the drinks for free if only they stopped demanding bribes from them and arresting their customers.

“Some of the officers were so drunk because they gulped the liquor. The truth is that because of their poor pay and harsh economic times, just like the other ordinary Kenyans, they cannot afford bottled beer.

If they cease harassing us, we will keep in constant supply of the drinks. We can even deliver them to police stations,” she said.