Twists, turns and tension take over BYOB TV show

Episode 3 was off the charts! Two contestants were evicted this week, friendship was almost forgotten in the heat of the competition and weaknesses were exposed for all to see.

By now we have the process memorized; a challenge is presented to the contestants, two teams are formed, they get to work researching, selling and generally fighting to the bitter end to come out on top.

This week, contestants were tasked with testing a beta version (trial version) of Craft Silicon’s Little taxi hailing app, but with a twist: they were to create a marketing plan, recruit boda boda operators, get potential customers to download the app and convert the downloads into actual transactions.

Winning was not pegged on downloads, it was based on number of rides, and each team had 72 hours to learn how the app worked, choose a target customer and get to work.

Swift Riders, comprising of Valentine, Susan, Safe Joe and David had Sam as their team leader, while Viney was tasked with leading Out Riders Sue, Wayne, Lynette and Paul to victory.

Tension was high from the beginning, and we could almost smell the apprehension in the contestants when the challenge was laid out.

With Sam’s record of insubordination and lone soldiering, was he going to be the leader he thought he could be all along? And was Viney, who was yet to be on any winning team, capable of managing the team dynamics and emerging on top?

The challenge proved to be exactly that, with the teams suffering setbacks occasioned by a delay in the provision of the promo code that would help them entice new customers, team members falling ill and Sam misunderstanding a client’s wishes (or was is the client who wasn’t clear on the brief?) and treating us to a confrontation that ended in the client hanging up on him. One thing you have to learn when dealing with client: you cannot afford to lose it and somea your client!

However Viney proved to be an outstanding leader, involving the Out Riders in strategic decision making and encouraging team work, qualities that eventually led to the team’s win of 56 rides over their competition’s 41. They were not only able to get EatOut to sign up for the service, their decision to focus on students at Catholic University also worked in their favour. Despite having to navigate turf wars between boda boda operators and dealing with lost time caused by Sue’s (real) and Paul’s (debatable) illnesses, the team kept its cool, and that was pretty cool.

Sam on the other hand was visibly annoyed by Safe Joe being unwell, and it was clear that he’d expected to depend on him a lot. Add to that the fact the he fumbled to change tact when he realized that Little were not happy with his promise of free rides and looked like he wished he could do everything by himself, it was a long 72 hours for the fitness instructor -  it must have felt like a two minute plank. Even petite Susan’s enthusiastic approach to the challenge (she was so adorable when dealing with the Boozeit team) and David’s calm demeanor did little to relax him, and he seemed to crumble when the stress of the challenge got to him.

Come eviction time and Sam was on the chopping block for the third time in as many episodes, alongside team mates Safe Joe and Valentine. And in a shocking turn of events Paul and Sue from Our Riders were also placed up for eviction by their team leader Viney, despite winning the challenge.

To be honest, the only surprise there was seeing two people evicted. What was not a surprise was that one of them was Sam, whose track record in the competition was less than stellar. Both he and Paul walked away with 120,000 bob and cash and business support from Safaricom, so all wasn’t lost.

Now the question is; how many people will be evicted next Monday? One? Two? Three? Tune in to KTN at 8pm, and let’s see.