#MCM: Masterpiece- Making hits since age13

Emmanuel King AKA Masterpiece

If you were stuck in the streets and had to make one phone call to who would it be?

That would have to be DK Kwenye Beat because we have been very close friends for so long. It was for that reason that we also worked together on our recent musical release Baba Yao.

We saw you start out in music years back while you were still very young how old are you now?

*Laughs* I was very little back then, 13 years old to be precise and I didn't even understand the impact of what I was doing. At that time, i was simply singing to for talent.

Today I'm a little older, wiser and of course contrary to what people think, I have an ID card.

So who helped you burst into the limelight?

It was Cabassa, my very good friend who brought me into the industry. We had written Koffi Yoo and while we were in Studio, DK Kwenye Beat loved our work and decided to work with us. That is how we all ended up making that first musical collaboration.

Back in the day how did you manage your shows, interviews and production costs?

I worked very closely with J blessing who was my manager through Link Video Global. They handled everything i needed in the industry so I was well catered for.

Are you still with Link Video Global today?

No, after I went back to school and took a break from music, my contract ran out, but we are still very close friends with the Link Video Global family.

Talking about school, where did you go during that break from the music industry?

*Laughs* ha! I wont mention all of them,because i went to several, but the last one was Bi- Nuru in Mombasa where i finally completed my high school.

Was it because you are a celebrity that you couldn’t simply settle?

No! But let me just say that some of those school conditions were too difficult for me! I had to go to a conducive school for me and at least my last school was close home.

So what grade did you take home?

No way! I won’t answer that today.

About your recent song, did you face any grand challenges?

Yes! This song was not an easy pick for me because everyone was waiting for the grand comeback and here I was not knowing what exactly would impress the crowds.

People have a way of putting pressure on someone so for me, releasing Baba Yao was very important.

Who wrote Baba Yao?

It was both DK Kwenye Beat and I, then we did the recording at Bizzy B’s studio. We wanted an easy quick flow kind of song for our fans and I must say that this was a good start.

Any girlfriend?

Not yet. Right about now, I am focusing on music. I want to re-establish my position in the industry then I can think about the ladies later.