County officers clobber each other over ‘hot’ intern

The woman was heard shouting for help as she helplessly pleaded with her two colleagues to stop the rampage

Two love-struck officers at a county government headquarters in Western Kenya are nursing serious injuries after they clobbered each other silly over young woman on internship.

Tempers flared with the two beating the living daylights out of each other after the senior, who had gone to ‘surprise’ the woman with a visit, stumbled upon his junior at the intern’s rented house.

That his junior had also been fooling around with the trainee infuriated the senior officer who robustly expressed his displeasure the old fashioned way

— pouncing on him with kicks and blows.

However, it was the junior’s attempts to return the favour that saw all hell break lose. In a split second, daggers had been drawn with the brawl degenerating into protracted combat that saw household goods (which both claimed to have bought) destroyed and drawing neighbours’ attention.

A neighbour familiar with the circus said the junior officer found himself between a hammer and an anvil when he scoffed at his senior, telling him, “But you have a wife at home!” when asked to explain what he was doing at the intern’s house.

“Wife my foot!” yelled the senior as he descended on the young man.

“I was at my door, opposite the woman’s, when I heard commotion in the house. Upon dashing there out of curiosity, I found the door closed with the woman wailing for help,” the neighbour, who requested for anonymity, said.

A crowd of neighbours immediately formed at the door, trying to open it and tried to stop free-to-air Mayweather-Pacquiao-style fight in vain. The woman was heard shouting for help as she helplessly pleaded with her two colleagues to stop the rampage. “Come on! Stop it guys! We can still be all friends, what is the big deal?” she was overhead begging.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as the two, perhaps desperate to settle the small matter of who is the boss’ of the woman’s heart, went hammer and tongs at each other.

“I am closer to the governor than you are. If you are not going to forget this girl, I’ll lobby for your sacking. Kijana, you will go,” the senior officer threatened his junior. It took intervention of the incensed neighbours to end the bedlam, after the intern defied his senior and opened the locked door.

Later, it was learned that men at the county offices, enamoured by her charms, had been tripping over each other, in desperate attempts to please the beautiful intern. Apparently, her arrival at the county headquarters has pumped testosterone levels so high in most male officials, many have literally bought tractors to try to make inroads into her heart.

Some had been buying her lunch and offering all sorts of goodies. But the moneyed senior, notorious for ‘leaving no intern unturned’, is said to have outwitted them all, promising her a permanent job after the internship. However, it never occurred to him that one junior was ‘raiding her cookie jar’.


After the scandalous incident, the senior staffer, without cleaning his bloodied nose, jumped into his car and drove off, vowing to engineer sacking for the young man and terminating the woman’s internship.