Edith Kimani relocates to Germany

Edith Kimani won 'ThePresenter'  reality show that aired in KTN in 2009

Rising to fame after winning ‘The Presenter’ reality show that aired in KTN in 2009, Edith Kimani’s career was set in motion and she landed a job with the TV station. After years of working in KTN, she left to join German media house Deustche Welle as an East African correspondent. But that would not last long before she was offered a better deal two years into the job.

‘’Meet @Edith_Kimani, the newest addition to our Berlin newsroom, and join her as she discovers the history of the art-rich German capital.’’ The German media house broke the news on Twitter a few days ago alongside a short video clip of the gorgeous TV presenter.

From the video, Edith is settling in well in what will become her home for now. However not everyone was pleased with the news as one fellow asked why the media house couldn’t hire a German to which DW responded.

‘’@Mchamurabi DW is an international broadcaster, with voices from around the world, including those on our German channel @dw_deutsch.’’ They tweeted.