Eric Omondi’s sweet Valentines gift to girlfriend

And they say Kenyan men are not romantic! But thank God for the few who go out of their way to sweep their women off their feet with sweet gestures.

That was the case for Chantelle who got an unexpected surprise over Valentines after she got home. Camera rolling, comedian Eric Omondi requested her to open a door in the house.

After some hesitation, the pretty lass obliged to her surprise.

‘’Nailed it. It took us 3 weeks...We had to lie to her that the door was broken...We built the beauty room (for her) every time she stepped out...’’ Eric Omondi revealed on his social media.

Turns out he made for her a walk in closet full of shoes, clothes and everything nice any woman would kill for.

The couple has been an item for a while now and their relationship seems to be getting stronger by the day.