Kate out, Muraguri hanging for dear life and BYOB TV keeps us glued to our screens


Last week kicked off the BYOB TV Show, and it was fire! Keith Asumba became the first contestant to be evicted from the reality show, to the shock of all the fans that had been rooting for him on social media.

And this week was no different. It was challenges galore for the contestants as they were tasked with a four-day pricing challenge involving the purchase and sale of fresh produce from Mlango Farm.

The 11 contestants were split into two groups, given 50,000 bob each, access to mentor Sylvia Tonui of Marigold Honey, and sent out into the market to see who could make the highest profit from buying and selling vegetables.

Wakulima Freshie, led by Sue Mueni (she has a really trendy blonde ‘do by the way), had group members Kate, Muraguri, Safe Joe and Viney buying tomatoes and pilipili hoho and trying to sell them wholesale to Society Stores and Chandarana. But things didn’t go as planned, and none of the stores was willing to make the bulk purchases.

While they did this, the Smart Sellers led by Lynette had decided to take a gamble on something not many young guys ever want to be associated with: hawking. Man, I thought Susan Maina, Paul, Kimani, Wayne and Valentine were either crazy or really brave because hawking is hard!

They went to Zimmerman and Umoja, selling their spinach and sukuma wiki to anyone willing to listen to them. You should have seen Susan convincing a kiosk owner to buy the produce. That girl is little but she certainly brings it! And then Kimani really came through for his team once again, using his farming knowledge and sales experience to help them bring in the win.

Now while these guys were busy winning Wakulima Freshie team leader Sue was battling frustration. Not only was Safe Joe a bit under the weather, Kate was fast giving up when things began going downhill. And Muraguri was being, well, Muraguri. The guy is smart and ambitious, but he really does need to learn what teamwork is.

Come eviction time and the tension was thick! Smart Sellers emerged the winners with a profit of 7,550 shillings, while Wakulima Freshie’s 5,757 bob wasn’t enough to save them.

Sue Mueni was taken to task over her team’s loss, and put up fellow team members Muraguri and Kate for eviction alongside herself. Justifying her decision, she said she found Muraguri to be uncooperative while Kate easily gave up when things got tough.

This was Muraguri’s 2nd time on the chopping block in as many weeks, and the judges picked up on that. Trushar Khetia had no problem pointing out that Muraguri’s inability to work with the rest of the team was costing his team mates, telling him he needed to learn to respect the leadership.

Kate on the other hand struggled to hold back her tears as Caroline Mutoko gave her some advice on approaching tasks with commitment and determination from beginning to end even when things got tough. Lesson here: do not quit!

Interestingly, King Kaka was the quietest judge this time, though he did tell Sue that he didn’t think she showed strong leadership during this challenge.

A few tense minutes later and Kate was sent home, leaving Muraguri and Sue to see another day.

I can’t wait to see what happens next Monday, now that lines have been drawn and Muraguri will most likely be looking for a way to redeem himself.

Tune into the show on KTN every Monday from 8.00pm – 9.00pm and let’s see which of the remaining ten make it out alive!