We were motivated by humility- Events planner opens up about organising wedding ceremony for 100 bob couple


Wilson and Ann Mutura could not hide their joy   Photo: Slique Events

A few weeks ago photos of a couple who only spent sh.100 on their wedding day went viral on social media. This surprised many as weddings are considered an expensive affair couples invest heavily.

 The love story of Wilson and Ann Mutura inspired many Kenyans as a marriage that was bound by love and not material wealth.

Having seen the story, well-wishers offered to help them do a garden wedding ceremony. One such person is who was determined to make it happen is Altonen Jumba who runs an events planning company- Slique Events.

Eden Bliss Garden   Photo: Slique Events

Standard Digital Entertainment spoke to Altonen who helped in planning the second wedding that was held on Valentine’s Day 14th Feb 2017 at Eden Bliss Garden along the Northern Bypass.

When asked what motivated him, the events planner said he was moved by the couple’s humility and their unique love story.

“We had a lot of challenges while preparing,” Jumba pointing out that it was not easy since some guys pulled out at the last minute.

He, however says he was able to pull through with the help of other service providers who were glad to help for free.

With things happening fast in the couple’s lives word has it that Wilson and Ann will be heading to Dubai for their honeymoon.

His company, Slique Events handles corporate, weddings, charity, sporting and private events.