Drama as lovers are locked in 'borrowed house' over rent arrears

Residents at a plot in Nairobi’s Kahawa West estate were left in stitches after a student who was using his brother’s house to entertain his girlfriend got locked in by the landlord over rent arrears, even as they protested that they were late for class.

Desperate for a venue for hanky panky with his campus sweetheart, the students decided to use the house without knowing that his brother had been playing cat and mouse games with the landlord for days.

“It was past the fiftth deadline and the owner of the house, who is a security guard at the city centre, had been avoiding the landlord by arriving late at night and leaving very early in the morning,” said Felix Oloo, a resident familiar with the incident.

According to the witness, the lovers walked into the house giggling, oblivious of what was in store for them. Apparently, the landlord had been complaining about the watchman not picking his phone calls over the unpaid rent.

While making his routine rounds, collecting rent from defaulters, the landlord got to the house where loud music was being played.

Perhaps deeply engrossed, the door went unanswered, infuriating the landlord.

He locked the door from outside with a padlock in a fit of fury, only for the lovers to emerge, shouting through the window. “You just want to live in people’s houses without paying rent,” yelled the landlord, as he walked away.

“We had just passed by to pick something, we actually don’t live here. Please open the door, we are late for class,” the male student kept shouting in vain.

Love birds

The dramatic incident attracted the attention of neighbours who couldn’t help but laugh their heads of, even as the duo protested their innocence.

The brother to the student had to be called to pay up, for the landlord to release the two. But in an interesting turn of events, the furious watchman turned the heat on his brother, accusing him of having turned his house into a lodging where he entertained his girlfriends.

“This is not a lodging where you bring campus girls. From today henceforth, I will not let you have the extra key to my house. If you think you are man enough, get your own house,” the watchman was quoted as having scoffed at his younger brother, who kept insisting he had only come to pick something in the company of his girlfriend.

The young lady watched in embarrassment as her disgraced boyfriend was exposed, with his romps with other girls laid bare for all and sundry.

The afternoon incident brought much-needed comic relief in a ‘plot’ where residents were still recovering from January’s financial vagaries. The status of the relationship between the young man and his brother is not known. Neither is that between the two love birds.