Ugandan buzz : Drama as politicians reignite bitter old memories of an affair they had


As the curtains are drawn to a close Photo:

As the young and young at heart celebrate Valentine Day this week, some very, VIPs are having bitter memories of old affairs and blame them for their present problems.

That happened last week when the chairman of the electoral commission of the ruling party Dr Tanga Odoi was busy organising the preliminaries for the party to select six candidates who will be confirmed by the national parliament as the country's representative to the East African Legislative Assembly, EALA.

Now there is another VVIP called Dr Sarah Opendi, who is the state minister for health. The two are hommies, originating from Eastern Uganda and have separately made their way to the highest offices on the land.

Dr Sarah has in the recent years had a tough time doing politics and suspects that Tanga has a hand in her problems. After all, he is the man who determines who should be the party candidate for any office, including that of President of Uganda.

But Dr Tanga decided to shed some light on the origin of their 'beef'. And without warning, he informed the public that many years ago at Makerere University, he had jilted Dr Sarah, and since hell knows no fury like a woman scorned, she does not spare any opportunity to badmouth him.

But Dr Sarah is the medical person here – as Dr Tanga's PhD is in History. So she went public with her diagnosis: Dr Tanga is most likely suffering from a mental problem, which causes his mouth to shoot off when his brain is not engaged, according to her. To prove that hers isn't idle talk, Dr Sarah gave circumstantial evidence. She asked the press to look at her and then look at Dr Tanga, and ask if it is possible for her to have a love affair with such an ugly man!

And if you think beauty and ugliness are in the eyes of the beholder, she dropped another piece of evidence. Dr Tanga is a short man! Now shortness is a fact and not an opinion. She then asked how on earth she can even be suspected to have an affair with a short man! There she rested her case.

Dr Odoi also presented his evidence. According to him, Dr Sarah is such a nasty person, he does not regret having dumped her. He says whoever doubts his assertion can ask ministers who sit in Cabinet. He contends that the honourable Dr Sarah is so nasty she keeps shouting at her fellow ministers.

As youthful Ugandans celebrate this week's Valentine Day, these two top national figures have given them a taste of what can happen when relationships end.