Fans confused about why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem 'poor' in new family pics

After news broke that suspects had been arrested in relation to the Paris jewellery heist in October, Kim Kardashian has offered another glimpse into her family life with more intimate photos.

The stylised photos, which feature Kim, husband Kanye West and their children North and Saint, were posted on her Instagram page on Tuesday.

But while her adoring fans flooded the comment section over the series of photos, which shows her gazing adoringly at her children from a green couch as they look through French doors, others claimed Kim had tried to make the family seem 'poor' for the set, and others called it fake.

“Why are trying so hard to look poor in these pictures!!! So fake once again (sic),” one commenter questioned.

While another quipped: "I have an idea, let's take pictures that aesthetically make us look poor" -Kim & crazy Kanye...GIRL BYE.”

Others defended the couple's cute insight into their family life, as they said: “Love seeing your natural home vibe”.

But another said the grainy filter made it like a “creepy movie”.

They said: “I love the pictures of her and the kids to much. Just don't like the style of them. Reminds me of a creepy movie.”

Everyone knows Kimis pretty much the undisputed queen of social media - and her break did nothing to change that.

The reality TV star - who boasts an incredible 89.9 million followers on Instagram alone - is said to have made quite the splash on the likes of Snapchat and Twitter since making a surprise return in the New Year after lying low following her robbery in Paris.

According to TMZ, Kim's big comeback on Tuesday saw 42.8 million viewers on Snapchat alone over the first 24 hours.

In the same time frame, she also generated an amazing 4 million likes on her Instagram posts.

In an even more impressive stat, it's claimed Kim also had more than 84 million impressions - people setting eyes on her content - in a single day.

The news comes as it appears the star and her man Kanye West have built a bridge between themselves and Beyonce and Jay Z , and, in common parlance, finally got over it.

Weeks after Kanye was hospitalised with a suspected mental breakdown , he and Jay finally sat down with their wives to catch up.