#Nightshift mode: Motherhood is not easy, Zari Hassan confesses

Zari posted a photo of her holding the baby

According to the wise words of the Swahili, ‘kuzaa sio kazi, kazi kulea.’ And who better to know this other than mother of five, Zari Hassan.

Choosing to do the hardest work of raising her infant son regardless of the available help she has, she revealed how little sleep she gets in sacrifice of taking care of Prince Nillan.

‘’#NightShift: With all the help in this house from the maids & grannies I still stay up with my son till he sleeps. It's hard work being a mom usually with less or no sleep at all but hey, it's the most beautiful thing ever.


Some prolly think 'arrghh she sleeps and lets her nanny do the work, wrong I stay up all night every other day. What a job!!! Just a Lil motivation for other moms. Ur not alone & you, rock coz late nights ain't for the weak.’’ Zari posted.

The one month old son already has over 85,000 followers on his Instagram account thanks to his socialite mother who runs his page.