I remembered my late dad- Comedian Jalang’o touched by King Kaka’s song ‘Senzenina’

Even the strongest and emotionally dead men will shed a tear or two after listening to King Kaka’s new song ‘Senzenina.’

The emotional song featuring RedFourth Chorus is a South African folklore song that features the life and death of a young man and emotions his surviving family goes through.

Reminding one of the loved ones they have lost, King Kaka has managed to pull off the song in his usual poetic style.

Mzee Jalang'o

With over 16,000 views after it went up two days ago, amongst those who have watched the song include comedian Jalang’o who revealed what the song did to him.

‘’Earlier today I listened to @thekingkaka new jam#Senzenina .....I remembered my late Dad....I have always accepted the fact that dad is gone but @thekingkaka gave me the last words on this ..so to brighten my day I said I'll listen to #ChiniKwaChini by @thekingkaka ....go to his bio and listen and watch good music #Senzenina.’’ Jalang’o posted.