Drunk gay man clobbered, thrown out of bash for soliciting for sex from fellow men

In a conservative country like Kenya, revealing one’s queer sexual orientation leaves a huge blot on their character, a kin to being accused of being racist in the US presidential elections.

So you can imagine what a scandal it was when a drunk closet gay man, overcame by emotions, unwittingly laid bare his real sexual orientation and pushed the joke further by soliciting for randy romps from fellow men.

Partygoers at a home in Shabab area, Nakuru County savagely attacked and unceremoniously threw out the suspected gay man who, in moments of excitement, had begun dancing suggestively towards male revelers, groping some and making sexual advances to other.

The man, only identified as Chalo, is reported to have drunk too much before he messed up what was meant to be a great house party to usher in the New Year this past December 31 night.

As it happens in most house parties, the host, a certain Robert, had welcomed friends to his house to have fun as the year came to a close. Just as the party was underway, one of his female friends walked in with Chalo in tow and introduced him as a jolly good friend and neighbour.

“His queer demeanour, relaxed hair and effeminate dress code should have caused suspicion. But, heck, it was a bash and who cares how others dress in such events?” Wondered Albert, a source who attended the party. After knocking back a couple of beers, a courageous Chalo seemingly got carried away and began feeling at home.

Gyrating bottoms

“He first began making lewd random comments about his fellow men in the house. At some point, he complimented the bums of some of male partygoers, attracting strange stares from fellow revellers. Some worried one pardoned him, laughing off his comments as ones expected from a drunk,” said Albert.

What was, according to Albert, conspicuously noted then though, was that as his fellow men were jostling and pairing up with the ladies in the room, he seemed uninterested and detached.

Their worst fears were later confirmed when as the rest of the men were busy dancing behind their partners’ gyrating bottoms, Chalo was hovering around making seductive gestures to fellow men whilst touching other inappropriately.

Most of his victim found his behaviour so gross that after several unsuccessful attempts to restrain, they expressed their annoyance by beating the hell out of him, forcing the bash to come to an abrupt stop.

“The annoying bit about it was that he had not even been invited; he was just a gatecrasher. The lady who had innocently tagged him along was on the receiving end. She was at pains to explain why she brought in such a ‘pervert’ to party poop,” said Albert.

The apologetic lady, who was also astonished, admitted she was not aware that her neighbour was a weirdo.